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DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Apple Macbook for Mac OS or let me say DNA PROBE ENDS NXDOMAIN is a DNS lookup problem does not fail, which usually only Chrome browser rates Gen and if you do not know DNA is that it is really based on IP addresses, and if any computer You are starting to open some domain name, so a DNS service must translate the domain name into the appropriate IP address. How the domain name www.google.com can be converted to


There is a question of Google Chrome and if you use this browser on Macbook for Mac OS any DNS that you use every time the DNS service fails. Sometimes this problem occurs when the Access-A-specific site or anything can access the Internet, and whatever the reason is with you, I will definitely help fix these errors on your computer.

So, we fix it, I have written all the best solutions on this site, and you will fix it, now you need to repeat one by one on the phone or maybe on your phone, this mistake completely goes up.

Change the DNS settings

Typically, the DNS server automatically gets service set in your computer, and sometimes it can stop working with chrome, and that is why we need to change the settings by typing the DNS server’s IP address manually.

We use IP server “Google Public DNS” for our manual setup for a service name system FREE Domain offered by Google and the best part is it offers domain name resolution for all hosts on the Internet.

To change your DNS Mac, you must first open the Mac “System Preferences” from the Apple menu and then select the option called “Network” in the menu.

Double-click now on the connection you use to browse the Internet or what you want for it to change the DNS. Then click the “Advanced” button to open the advanced settings.

Usually the active connection will be a green light next to it:

Click the DNS tab.

Now use the + or – icons to add or remove DNS servers on your connection.

I recommend you to use only Google’s public DNS servers, which are listed below:

When finished, click “OK” to change the configuration.

Finally, there are a few solutions left to you, which can be improved even if the above problems do not work for you.

Start your PC – Normally we just turn off the computer and do not even think about starting anew occasionally, but the little things that went wrong were stressful on your computer system and you may have to try to do it now.

Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall – You can also try to fix it by removing the antivirus program and firewall functions of the Macbook for Mac OS as well.

Your network driver update – I suggest some of my website users will update their network drivers and it will help most of the time.

Make Your PC – If the operating system has the facility to recover the setting of the past, then you should perhaps try to do it and restore your computer at a time when all things work properly.

Problem modem or router – if you are experiencing problems with accessing web sites or error problem in your browser, then your router is silent or a modem can be 99% corrupted (whatever you have) has this problem Problem finished with all the advice I mentioned above in this article, and only 1% that can rely on bankruptcy of your network devices.


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