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There is some user experience received an error message, server in the site URL can not be found because the DNS search failed. DNS is the network service that translates the name of a website into its Internet address. This error is most commonly caused by no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by a non-responsive DNS server or a firewall to prevent Google Chrome from accessing the network.



If you get an error message, try DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN the site in Google Chrome browser for access, so because of DNS lookup failures

What is DNS? Its abbreviation for Domain Name Server. They are like a phone book for the Internet. This server maintains a directory of domain names and the corresponding IP address.

As a simple example like this:

Www.google.com =>
Www.yahoo.com =>
Www.bing.com =>

Www.google.com the domain name in the is the IP address. We have domain names since it’s easy for us to remember names instead of IP addresses of people. We need them because the machines reach the site with the domain name.

Why is this error?

When you enter a website URL into your browser, the browser is the first step to doing “Resolving DNS URL” which asks the DNS server and try to find the IP address, but it seems that the DNS server Can not answer or can not be accessed because you have a setting incorrect DNS settings in Internet / network or a firewall configured to prevent the browser from accessing the network.

Steps to fix this error?

1. Verify that the problem persists on all the sites you want to reach and, if so, check your Internet settings again.

2. You can Try contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask for DNS settings.

3. If you do not access certain sites through a web browser, probably because the site can be blocked by the government or ISP in your country.


Troubleshooting in several steps

For users of Windows operating systems (Windows XP, 7,8,10)

1. Press Ctrl + R to open the RUN prompt.

2. Type: services.msc

3. Locate the DNS client

4. Right-click the DNS client and click Restart

5. Start Chrome and it should work.

You can also use the simple way below to continue to solve the error you are experiencing at this time, please see the way below:

1. Run CMD Run As Administrator.
2. Then run enter the command below to CMD:
A.ipconfig / release
B.ipconfig / all
C.ipconfig / flushdns
D.ipconfig / renew
E.netsh int ip set dns
F.netsh winsock reset
G.netsh winsock reset catalog
You simply Copy Paste The above command to CMD.
3.Then RESTART your PC.
4. You can also do Clear Cache Browser.

Or you can also do this:
1. open: chrome: // flags / in address bar then ENTER.
2.Then click Reset All Default.
3.Then rerun her Google Chrome.

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